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Zeynep aran


photographer & desıgner

My passion lies in being creative and collaborating with people in various projects; learning new approaches and bringing the best in people to reflect in images captured.  Intuitively I am a good team player and equally able to work in solitude. My yoga inner journey projects in my ability in building and maintaining good partnerships which reflect in client relations and negotiations.

During my studies I have had the pleasure of working for Vanity Fair - Italia magazine in Milano as a photo editor intern, hence in my studies in the UK in media and production, I have taken a specific interest in editorial and food photography; and had the opportunity to assist the DK Tea book with William Reavell. In my other various roles in Coventry University; working as a project coordinator and a photographer in various events, I have built up strong organizational and creative skills. Specifically having practiced Kundalini yoga for 15 years and becoming a Level 2 instructor (500 hrs) for the last 6 years I believe I have become an effective communicator with the ability to liaise with all levels of people, backgrounds, management and staff.

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  • Third in the III. International FISAE CGD Exlibris Competition, Gent, Belgium

  • Stamp design has been chosen “Circus Europe 2002”,  National Post and Telegraph Directorate of Turkey

Conferences & exhıbıtıons

“Being” Modern Art and Design Exhibition, Cagdas Sanatlar Merkezi, Ankara, Turkey

“Closed” Exhibition, Gallery Kara, Ankara
“To Touch” - HU GSF Graphic Dept. Staff Exhibition, Goethe Institute – Ankara
Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Project - “Anatolian Enlightenment of Art”
Exhibition, MKM Istanbul

Exlibris Exhibition, Debrecen, Hungary
Fusion Calendar Exhibition – Turkey, Japan.

Contemporary Art Festival, Curators Conference – Faenza, Italy
Jack Daniels-ResponsiAbility Exhibition, Forma Gallery– Milan, Italy
Dside-Art– Buenos Aires, Argentina
Liquidity Exhibition – Forma-Naba, Milan, Italy

International Conf. of Environment, Nicosia-Northern, Cyprus


Photography Exhibition, the Turco-British Ass. Art Gallery, Ankara

Technology Exhibition, the Turco-British Ass. Art Gallery, Ankara

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